circleci orb create

Create an orb in the specified namespace


Create an orb in the specified namespace Please note that at this time all orbs created in the registry are world-readable unless set as private using the optional flag.

circleci orb create <namespace>/<orb> [flags]


  -h, --help        help for create
      --no-prompt   Disable prompt to bypass interactive UI.
      --private     Specify that this orb is for private use within your org, unlisted from the public registry.

Flags inherited from parent commands

      --host string         URL to your CircleCI host, also CIRCLECI_CLI_HOST (default "")
      --skip-update-check   Skip the check for updates check run before every command. (default true)
      --token string        your token for using CircleCI, also CIRCLECI_CLI_TOKEN